Telecom Solutions

We’ve got a wide range of telecommunication network services to meet your needs.


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Realize the Full Potential of
End-to-End Telecom Solutions

For companies like yours, timely and reliable communication with customers and within the business is a huge component of success. Telecommunication services, provided by a custom provider, like us, make success not only attainable but possible.


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Phone Numbers

Enjoy an unlimited number of local, toll-free lines plus cost savings on your telephone bill.


High quality inbound and outbound provides gives you true peace of mind.

SMS Services

Build intelligent SMS interactions into your apps and services.

Consulting / Phone Systems

What to buy, when to buy it. What to build, when to build it. Let our team of experts help.

Emergency Requirements Planning

Emergency preparedness requirements planning will help ensure adequate planning for both natural and manmade disasters.


Understand the performance of each line of your business better with our custom analytics packages.

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R Squared can help you take your business to the next level, helping you fully realize the power of your phone systems. You can expect cost savings on your phone bill, enjoy a fully redundant network, and see analytics that will sort out every line of business.

How Can We Help?

Our team of telecommunciation experts and developers are ready to answer your questions.

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