About R Squared

Telecom Solutions

R Squared Telecom has been providing fully-custom solutions for our clients since 2014.


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Realize the Full Potential of
End-to-End Telecom Services

When it comes to telecom providers, there is no better choice than R Squared. We are a customer-driven, solutions-oriented company that offers a wide-range of services at an affordable price. We do it all, end-to-end unlike many others and we are fully committed to making you look good.

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Why choose us?

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Better Voice

Our communications systems were built from the ground up.

Dependable /Reliable

Our performance is unmatched.


Experience true cost savings.

Premier customer service

You can reach us any time of the day 24/7/365.

How Can We Help?

Our team of telecommunciation experts and developers are ready to answer your questions.

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