made with you in mind.

Keep your systems, cut your costs. R Squared Telecom offers cutting-edge, custom solutions designed to make your telephony systems operate efficiently, communicate effectively, and grow exponentially


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Reliable, Cutting Edge Telecom Solutions

R Squared offers unparalleled quality and personalization made with you in mind to grow your business.

Custom made solutions you can trust in quality, for firms of all sizes


The core of our network was built from the ground up

Fast Provisioning 

Cutting down 90% of the process to get up and running quickly

Around the Clock Service

24/7/365 World-Class Support at your fingertips


A Premium Telecom Company for your Firm

When it comes to choosing the right telecommunication solutions company for your business, don’t settle for just any provider. Select the right provider. With R2, we’ll focus on the telecom, so you can focus on what you do best.

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High-end products coupled with unmatched customer support.

Phone Numbers – Local, Toll-free

Voice – Pure inbound and outbound quality

SMS Services

Consulting / Phone Systems

Emergency Requirements Planning



"R Squared immediately helped me save a significant amount on my budget

while increasing the reliability of our telecom service."

Ian Roberts

Care Operations Leader - Quicken

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